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How can I install WPWORX FAQ on my website?

It is easy to download and set up. All you need to do is download and install WPworx FAQ using the built-in WordPress plugin installer. If you have downloaded WPWORX FAQ manually, upload the plugins’ file to /wp-content/plugins/wp-worxfaq/.

To get started, activate WP WORX FAQ in the “Plugins” admin panel using the “Activate” link.

How to display the FAQs on my webpage?

You can show all the FAQs simply using the shortcode [worxfaq] on any page/widget/post. When you insert the shortcode, it displays the FAQs in the default settings, that is, in ascending order or in a toggle configuration. You can change it later.

If you choose the FAQs can be displayed by category name only.

Will the FAQ Pages or sections created using Wpworx FAQ be responsive?

The plugin creates fully-responsive FAQs. Your visitors can view them or mobile site or desktops without any issues. These FAQs look amazing beautiful on all size of screens.

What are the shortcodes available?

You can use two types of shortcodes at present, which are:

[worxfaq] To display all the FAQs on one page
[worxfaq category =’xyz’] To display the FAQs by category name
[worxfaq order=’order’] To sort all FAQs in Ascending or descending order; its value could be ASC or DESC
[worxfaq category =’xyz’ order=’order’] To sort all FAQs in Ascending or descending order for one category

Will this plugin help me in Search Engine Optimization (Is this FAQ Plugin SEO-friendly)?

Yes. The plugin allows the users to change the heading styles (H1, H2, H3, etc) so that the SEO-friendliness of the sections can be increased.

How can I use the shortcodes on my webpage using in PHP Code?

Use this shortcode on the php page or template – echo do_shortcode(‘[worxfaq]’);

Can I hide the FAQ categories’ names all together on the page?

Yes, FAQ categories can be hidden through the options ‘display’ or ‘hide’ on the category settings page.

How can I add an FAQ question?

You can add a question from the FAQ > Add New. Once you click that, a form will be opened containing two boxes Title and Description. You can add the title of the Question, which is an essential part. Add the answer in the Description box.

Can I edit my questions later?

Yes, you can always edit your questions using the Edit options.

How many questions can I add in one page? Is there a limit?

You can add as many FAQs as you want in a page/post/widget. There is no limit defined. With the “Read More” option the FAQ is capable of incorporating unlimited FAQs as no page limit intervenes.

How can I create and manage FAQs?

While creating or editing an FAQ, you’ll see an option for creating FAQ Categories on the right-hand side panel. These Categories can be assigned to questions which you have created. Clicking on the button ‘Add New Wpworx FAQ Category’ will create a new FAQ category for the FAQs. To assign an FAQ question to the group, you need to just check the checkbox while creating the question. Thus the FAQs can be displayed in specified groups.

A new Category has three components – Name, Slug (Slug for URL display) and Description.

How to publish the FAQs?

Once you are done with adding the FAQs, click on the WPWorx categories section to view the shortcodes. Copy the shortcode of the desired category, which you want to post and add it to your web page.

How to display the FAQs in toggle or accordion mode? What is Difference in these two?

You will have to select the desired mode (either accordion or toggle) mode in the basic settings. In the accordion mode, when you open a question, rest opened answers are closed. On the other side, in toggle mode, you can leave any number of FAQ question-answers opened.

What if my accordion or toggle view doesn’t work?

Before jumping into the forum for help, you may try these troubleshooting tricks to figure out –

Make sure you have JavaScript enabled and loading properly. Make sure that you have JQuery file of the plugin rendering when the page loads. Check page source code for that.
Sometimes JQuery does not run correctly. You need to check out if only one file of jQuery is getting loaded in an improper manner. So, maybe two different versions of the script and are being displayed.

Try to resolve these issues. If you are not able to, please visit WordPress Forum for help.

Can my audience use the search feature in FAQs?

If you are a premium user, you may enable AJAX-based search, using which, your website visitors with be able to search dynamically on the web page. The search queries of the content will be able to search upon question and answers. It will even search the comments section.

Can I add custom CSS? If yes, how to do it?

Yes, the plugin allows the users to add custom CSS to style FAQs. In the Plugin settings, click on ‘setting’ tab where you find a ‘Styling’ option. Fill your CSS code in ‘Custom CSS’ section to make it work.

Can I use this plugin with my e-commerce store?

As the shortcode of this plugin can be put anywhere on your website, it’ll work with the WooCommerce too. Just paste the shortcode and save FAQ to make it visible from your shop.

Does this plugin support multi-media content like audios, videos, etc.?

This plugin allows you to add all types of media in your answers. If you want to add image/video etc., add the desired media file to your Gallery and embed it in your answer by clicking on add media button. In the comments section also the media can be posted as a reply to a query or for indicating more information.

Can I add Youtube Video in my FAQ?

Yes, you can add youtube videos to the answers, if using WPWorx FAQ plugin. You will need to embed it by copying the code from YouTube.

How to make FAQ sections colors match my website?

Go to ‘styling’ section in the settings tab. Font color of questions, answering while active, not active or when the mouse moves over it. Note: If there is something, you wish to change and it is not in the Styling tab, you can apply the custom CSS too. The styling options vary from selecting the font size, background color, font color, bold, italics and more.

Can I use the tabs in my FAQ Section to arrange the categories better?

Yes, but in the pro version of this plugin only. Your users will be able to switch between category-based tabs instead of scrolling down through the long list of answers.

Is it possible to re-order the question answers and categories?

Re-ordering of question-answers is only possible in pro (advanced) version of the plugin. Though, if you want to fix the order of categories, you can add the category-wise shortcodes as per the order you want to showcase them on the webpage.

What is there in the pro version of WP WORX FAQ Plugin?

Additional Features of Basic Settings:

JQuery tabs, AJAX search, commenting feature, multi-language support, re-ordering of questions using drag-n-drop, sorting of questions on the basis of order and date, adding ‘read more’ button for long answers, ‘restore to default’ feature.

Additional Features of Styling Settings:

Multiple icons to choose from, positioning icons to left or right side of content, making icon invisible, changing icon size, styling the background of the icon.
Changing font weight, font family and other styling features for the text.
3 accordion themes (designs) to choose from.

Is it possible to share my FAQs on social media?

Not exactly, but you can share the link of webpage on social media, on which the FAQs are listed.

What styling attributes are accepted by the WPWORX FAQ Plugin?

Custom CSS, icon (background color, color) and question (color, background color, hover color, active color & active background color) are changeable in the FAQ section, created using our plugin.

In how many pages can I use the shortcodes created by this plugin?

You can use these shortcodes for the unlimited number of times on the unlimited number of pages, there is no restriction related to it.

Does the plugin support multisite configuration?

Yes. It supports multisite WordPress configuration, as well as, multi-language and multi-user settings (WPML).

I have a custom post type and I want to show an FAQ Section for that custom post type page. Is it possible to do the same with Wpworx FAQ plugin?

Yes, our FAQ plugin works well with custom post types.

How can I sort the list of questions?

You can sort the list of FAQs in ascending or descending order, using the following short code:

[worxfaq category =’category_name’ order=’ASC’] {For one category}
[worxfaq order=’ASC’] {For all categories}

Can I see how many people have viewed my FAQs?

When you will navigate to the ‘All FAQs’ section in your dashboard, you will be able to see the number of readers, who have viewed your FAQs. By sorting the list of FAQs according to the readers count, you can see the trending questions and set your FAQs page in a better manner.

How can I contact plugin support team? I am facing issues in using the plugin.

You can either post your queries in the dedicated Wpworx Support forum using this link (https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wpworx-faq) or email us directly at support@wpworx.co. We or millions of WordPress developers and users in this community will help you for sure.